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            Commercial Printing - Sample
            Commercial Printing - Sample
            QUARTERLY UPDATE  XX/XX/200X

            Fast Facts
            The commercial printing industry in the US includes around 35,000 companies with $90 billion of annual revenue.
            Several giants like RR Donnelley and Canadian printer Quebecor World have multibillion revenues, but most printers considered "large" have annual revenues under $1 billion.
            Commercial printers produce magazines, phone books, labels, advertising brochures, catalogs, newspaper inserts, direct mail marketing pieces, corporate reports and other financial printing, training manuals, promotional materials, and business forms.
            The largest single market for printing services is advertising, for newspaper inserts, magazines, and direct mail materials.
            Commercial printers generally keep low material inventories and don't require inventory financing.

            Key Business Challenges
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            Dependence on Business Activity
            The volume of commercial printing is closely tied to the health of the US economy. 
            How does the company respond to fluctuating demand for services?
            Fluctuating Paper, Ink Costs
            Printers feel the impact of cost fluctuations of paper and ink prices, as paper accounts for about 25 percent of printing costs.
            How does the company mitigate increases in ink and paper costs?
            Reduced Use of Printed Material
            Information distribution via electronic means, such as the Internet and especially email, will reduce demand for printed materials.
            How does increased use of digital media affect the company's production volume and sales?
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            Key Business Opportunities

            Technology Broadening Geographic Market Areas
            Increased use of digital files and low-cost courier services, and the increased ability of modern presses to accurately reproduce digitally prescribed colors, allow printers to solicit and fulfill orders from distant customers using the Internet.
            What plans does the company have to add new computer or digital technology to improve production and services?
            Value-Added Services
            Front-end design services and back-end inventory and distribution services are often as valuable as press operations.
            What non-printing value-added services does the company offer, and to what benefit?
            Online Print Production
            Innovative commercial printers are using the Web to allow clients to track jobs.
            How have online print production management solutions impacted the company's cost savings and processing speed?
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            Executive Talking Points More Executive Insight >>

            CEODeveloping Diverse Customer BaseHow easily can the company evolve to target new customer bases?
            CFOReducing Equipment CostsWhat are the company's strategies for minimizing equipment costs?
            CIOEvaluating Digital PressesWhat benefits or down-sides does the company see in using digital presses?
            HRHiring and Training Design SpecialistsWhat challenges do hiring and training design specialists create for the company?
            SALESImproving Customer RelationshipsHow does the company retain customers and encourage repeat business?

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